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About Us

The Libraries Publishing Program works with faculty, students, and academic units at OSU to publish open access scholarly work in a variety of formats. We exist to fill a need in the OSU community for free or low-cost publication development and hosting, and serve as an alternative to working with a commercial publisher. We also support OSU faculty who want to teach publishing to their students through hands-on experience with writing, peer review, editing, and publication design. Explore this space or contact us to learn more about the kinds of projects on which we can partner with you.


Journal Publishing

We work with OSU-based journal editors to publish open access, online journals on a number of different platforms. Visit our journal publishing page to learn about our partnership categories and the types of support available through each one. Learn more.

Conference Publishing

We can help you increase the impact of your conference scholarship through an online archive of presentations, a formal proceedings, and more. Learn more.

Consulting and Education

We are always happy to consult with you on your publishing project, and we occasionally offer workshops and other educational events on publishing-related topics. Learn more.

Editors' Group

The OSU Journal Editors’ Group is a forum for editors from all disciplines to discuss common issues in journal publishing. The group interacts via an email list and quarterly meetings, which consist of discussion on a particular topic, often with invited guests. OSU faculty, staff, and students who edit journals, serve on editorial boards, or are otherwise involved in journal publishing are welcome to participate. Learn more.


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