How to Find New Items

To find new items at OSU, you will need to first have a topic in minde and search the catalog.  You can limit by many different criteria.  Follow these steps to see what's new on a topic:

  1. Go to the OSU Library Catalog Advanced Search
  2. Search for a topic of interest, a particular author, etc.
  3. What year do you want your items to published be after?  Put 1999 next to Year: After to get items 2000 to the present or 2008 to get items 2009-present, for example.
  4. You may also limit to an item type, location (including web e-books), language, etc.
  5. Click on Submit

  6. Example - Items on animal surgery in the Veterinary Medicine Library or as E-books from 2000-present in English:

    search screen