Food Policy:

  1. Food waste and trash MUST be disposed of in a trashcan in the hallway, not in the Library itself, to prevent overflowing trashcans, odors, and infestations of pests that can damage library materials.
  2. Food is prohibited at all computer workstations and near anatomical specimens or models.
  3. Beverages must be in containers with lids.
  4. You are responsible for cleaning up your space before you leave.  All food and beverage crumbs and spills must be removed from tabletops, chairs and floors.  Cleaning wipes are located at the circulation desk. Spills that you cannot remove on your own must be reported to the Library’s employees, who will provide additional cleaning products and report the spill to housekeeping, if necessary.
  5. Be considerate when selecting the foods you eat in the library:
    • Avoid foods that stain fabrics or that are particularly messy.
    • Avoid strongly aromatic food.
    • Avoid especially noisy foods or packaging.

Circulation Policies:

Books on reserve circulate for two hours.

More information on circulation policies and fines can be found on the Circulation Policies page.

Group Study Room Policies:

Group study room policies are on the library's rooms page