Computers and Printers


There are 13 public PCs at the Vet Med Library.  The computers include all OSU site licensed software, including Microsoft Office and several statistical packages.  Other software includes the Glass Dog anatomical software and TestSoft.  One flatbed scanner is also available.

Printing, Copying and Scanning

The library has one device that functions as a printer, copier and scanner.  Scanning to email is free.  Printing or copying is $0.04/page or side in black and white or $0.15/page or side in color.  The copier/printer can be used until five minutes before closing. 

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is available for laptop users.  To set up wireless printing, visit Uniprint’s Wireless Printing website and select Veterinary Medicine Library from the list of locations.  Choose your operating system (Mac or PC), and download and install the drivers.  This will add the Pharos print driver and the library’s four "printers" to your computer: the B&W and color print options show up as different devices; an HP printer the library no longer owns also displays in the list, and you can uninstall it.  Be sure to reset your default printer to your own printer or to the Xerox.