Teaching with Special Collections

Thompson Special Collections
Instruction and Class Visits

How to make a reservation

We welcome the opportunity to share our diverse collections with The Ohio State University community by hosting classes in the Jack & Jan Creighton Special Collections seminar room (Thompson Library, 105C).  Instructional sessions and visits may be requested by the OSU community as well as those unaffiliated with OSU.  Please complete the attached request form at least two weeks in advance of your requested visit date (although we strongly recommend you submit your request as early as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts). Please note, simply filling out the form does not guarantee or “book” the class. Once you have submitted the form, a representative of Thompson Special Collections will contact you to confirm the availability of the classroom and any materials you might request.  You must receive confirmation by a representative of Thompson Special Collections.

Curatorial support

All classes and programs held in the seminar room or involving Thompson Special Collections materials must have a Thompson Special Collections sponsor. Your sponsor would be the curator responsible for those collections being used.  If you know who the appropriate sponsor would be, you may contact the sponsor before completing the request form, or you will be contacted by them once they have reviewed your request.  Use of any requested materials is contingent upon consultation with and approval by Special Collections faculty and/or staff who will be able to make suggestions regarding the appropriateness of materials for certain assignments and classes and/or suggest alternatives.  

Class size and frequency

Space in the seminar room is limited and alternative locations for class sessions may be required.   You may request multiple sessions, but please note that limits may be placed on the number of sessions taking place during one semester.  Thompson Special Collections faculty and staff will review your request and provide you with any available options.

Technology & Equipment in the Thompson Special Collections seminar room

  • Digital projector
  • A Windows PC (This is a standard part of the system, although you may connect your own laptop.)
  • Overhead camera connected to projector
  • White board *
    *If using the white board please pay careful attention to keep markers away from any materials. Markers are to only be “in hand” when writing on the white board. Class participants should not have access to markers and all markers should be capped immediately once you have finished using them.

Class Reserves and Student Assignments

If you would like to place Special Collections materials on long-term reserve for class use or if your students will be required (or encouraged) to work with Special Collections materials throughout the course’s duration, please be sure to consult with the appropriate curator responsible for the collections you’re interested in.