Avant Writing Symposium 2010

Avant Writing Symposium PosterPlease see: post event highlights page.

August 19-21, 2010

Thompson Library
The Ohio State University
1858 Neil Av. Mall
Columbus, OH 43210 USA

In Memoriam Thomas L. Taylor

This August 19-21 the new OSU Thompson Library will be invaded by an exciting horde of writers, scholars, artists, and others for the 2nd Avant Writing Symposium.  There will be some 50 presentations, performances, papers, readings, installations, exhibits, and other events, and an untold number of observers, fans, scholars, and kibitzers.  Sponsored by The Avant Writing Collection and the Rare Books & MSS Library, with additional support from The Department of Spanish & Portuguese and The Center for Latin American Studies, the attendees and presenters will come from all over the United States, Latin America, and elsewhere.  All with a focus on various of the Avant Gardes active in the world today, primarily those using language in some form or other.  Events will take place in the Thompson Library, at OSU’s Urban Arts Space, and at Skylab in downtown Columbus.   In addition to the presentations and performances, there will be exhibits in the Thompson Library, and at Skylab, and a room dedicated to continual presentations of electronic and digital poetry and literature.

The previous Symposium, in 2002, was a huge success, and is still being talked about.  So if you want to learn about literary innovation and experimentation, avant garde writing, electronic and digital literature, multi-lingualism, visual poetry, performance poetry, Fluxus poetry and texts, collaborative writing, sound poetry, international networking, artist´s books, cut-up text, concrete poetry, found poetry, mail art, video poetry, and much much more, this is your opportunity.

Available here:  small 8 1/2 x 11 poster, more complete schedule, hotel information, printable program
(as separate PDF files)

Thursday August 19

8 AM – 5 PM, Thompson Library
Presentations and installations

7 – 8 PM, OSU Urban Arts Space, 50 W. Town St. (downtown)
Be Blank Consort

Friday August 20

8 AM – 5 PM, Thompson Library
Presentations and installations

5-7 PM, 11th floor, Thompson Library
Award Reception

Saturday August 21

8 AM – 5 PM, Thompson Library
Presentations and installations

8 PM – 10 PM, Skylab, 57 E. Gay St. (downtown)
Collaboration festival, performances, visual poetry exhibit

Sponsored by:

The Avant Writing Collection
The Rare Books & MSS Library
The Thompson Library
The Department of Spanish & Portuguese
The Center for Latin American Studies
Skylab Gallery
OSU Urban Arts Space/The Larry Marotta Hour 

Curated by: John M. Bennett