Highlights for Children Archives 1946-2007


Highlights for Children is an American children's magazine based in Columbus, Ohio. Garry Cleveland Myers and his wife Caroline Clark Myers began publication in June 1946 in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Mr. Myers had earned a PhD in psychology from Columbia University before WWI, providing a basis for the teaching he would do the rest of his life. He and Mrs. Myers taught illiterate soldiers for the US Army, with Mrs. Myers becoming the first ever female teacher employed by the Army. They taught educators and parents for a time at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, during which Dr. Myers wrote a nationally syndicated column, titled Parent Problems and authored, along with Mrs. Myers, several books. Highlights for Children aims at providing children with basic skills and knowledge, creativity, logic and reasoning. Some of its regular features include "Fun to Read," "Fun to Do" and "Fun Things from You." These features include, among other things: stories about history and real people, fiction and science, puzzles, poems, riddles, games, and jokes. There are also simple craft projects and science experiments. Contact The Rare Books and Manuscripts Library at rarebooks@osu.edu for more information. For a view of the collection's contents click here.