Government is made for the people, made by the people,
and answerable to the people.

Government Officials have an obligation to explain their decisions and actions to the general public.  Government publications play a key role in this accountability.

Government publications - at all levels - are today a major source of information in practically every field of endeavor and are crucial to informed public decision-making.

Depository Libraries provide access to government publications.  The Ohio State University has two Federal Depository Libraries on its Main Campus.  Thompson Library has been a depository since 1907, and Moritz Law Library become one in 1984.  Thompson Library is also a depository for the State of Ohio and for the European Union.

All levels of government from local to international treaty organizations produce documents and information.  In general the larger the entity the more likely it is to publish. These publications range the gamut from primary source materials for scholarly research to informational pamphlets for the general public.

What are Government Publications?
Definition of, discussion about, and further reading on the topic of Government Publications – Information and Documents.

Finding Government Publications
Resources for researching and locating documents and information from Federal, State, County, Municipal, Foreign, and Treaty Organization sources.  

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Citing Government Publications
Resources for citing government publications.

Federal, State and Local tax forms
Current and past Federal, State and Local tax forms.

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Consumer-oriented and general interest web sites from government and non-profit agencies, including many Ohio and Columbus/Franklin County resources

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