Report of the Geological survey of Ohio Vol. 9: Bulletins 4-8 of the 4th Series

A joint project of OSU Libraries and the Ohio Geological Survey.

Volume 9

Title Page  pub. 1906
Preface and Financial Reports (Pages i-xxxiv)
Table Of Contents (Pages 5-12)
Introduction (Pages 13-19)

Bulletin Four

The Limestone Resources and Lime Industry in Ohio, Edward Orton, Jr. and Samuel Vernon Peppel, 365 p., illus., 1906

Bulletin Five

The Manufacture of Artificial Sandstone or Sand-Lime Brick, Sameul Vernon Peppel, 79 p., illus., 1905.

Bulletin Six

A bibliography of Ohio geology, Alice Greenwood Derby and Mary Wilson Prosser, 332 p., 1906

Bulletin Seven

Revised Nomenclature of the Geological Formations, Charles S. Prosser, 36p., 1905

Bulletin Eight

Salt Deposits and the Salt Industry in Ohio, John Adams Bownocker, 42p., illus. 1906