Report of the Geological Survey of Ohio, Vol.2: Geology and Paleontology

A joint project of OSU Libraries and the Ohio Geological Survey.

Volume 2 was also published in German
Bericht uber die Geologische aufnahme von Ohio; v.2 pt.1
Bericht uber die Geologische aufnahme von Ohio; v.2 pt.2

Volume 2,Part 1, Geology

Section One General Geology

Chapter 30 (Pages 1-80) Surface Geology - J.S. Newberry
Chapter 31 (Pages 81-180) The Carboniferous System - J.S. Newberry

Section Two Local Geology

Chapter 32 (Pages 183-205) Geology of Erie County and the Islands - J.S. Newberry
Chapter 33 (Pages 206-224) Geology of Lorain County - J.S. Newberry
Chapter 34 (Pages 227-235) Geology of Ottawa County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 35 (Pages 236-252) Geology of Crawford County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 36 (Pages 253-271) Geology of Morrow County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 37 (Pages 272-313) Geology of Delaware County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 38 (Pages 314-323) Geology of Van Wert County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 39 (Pages 324-334) Geology of Union County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 40 (Pages 335-351) Geology of Paulding County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 41 (Pages 352-357) Geology of Hardin County, and General Conclusions - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 42 (Pages 358-367) Geology of Hancock County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 43 (Pages 368-386) Geology of Wood County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 44 (Pages 387-396) Geology of Putnam County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 45 (Pages 397-403) Geology of Allen County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 46 (Pages 404-409) Geology of Auglaize County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 47 (Pages 410-414) Geology of Mercer County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 48 (Pages 415-421) Geology of Henry County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 49 (Pages 422-438) Geology of Defiance County - N.H. Winchell
Chapter 50 (Pages 441-452) Surface Geology of South-Eastern Ohio - E. B. Andrews
Chapter 51 (Pages 453-508) Geology of Washington County - E. B. Andrews
Chapter 52 (Pages 509-528) Geology of Noble County - E. B. Andrews
Chapter 53 (Pages 529-542) Geology of Guernsey County (Southern half) - E. B. Andrews
Chapter 54 (Pages 543-569) Geology of Belmont County (Southern half) - E. B. Andrews
Chapter 55 (Pages 570-587) Geology of Monroe County - E. B. Andrews
Chapter 56 (Pages 588-608) Geology of Pickaway and Fairfield Counties - E. B. Andrews
Chapter 57 (Pages 611-641) Geology of Pike County - Edward Orton
Chapter 58 (Pages 642-658) Geology of Ross County - Edward Orton
Chapter 59 (Pages 659-696) Geology of Greene County - Edward Orton
Index to part one (Pages 697-701)

Volume 2 Part 2, Paleontology

Descriptions of Fossil Fishes (Pages 1-64) J. S. Newberry
Description of Silurian Fossils (Pages 65-161) James Hall and R. P. Whitfield
Description of Crinoidea from the Waverly Group (Pages 162-179) James Hall and R. P. Whitfield
Description of the Corals of the Silurian and Devonian Systems (Pages 181-268) H. Alleyne Nicholson
Description of Invertebrate Fossils from the Carboniferous System (Pages 269-347)
[Invertebrate Fossils pf the Waverly Group and Coal Measures of Ohio] F. B. Meek
Synopsis of the Extinct Batrachia from the Coal Measures (Pages 349-411) E. D. Cope
Description of Fossil Plants from Lower Carboniferous strata (Pages 413-426) E. B. Andrews
Index and Errata (Pages 427-436)
Plates 1-59 from part 2