Teaching Awards

Call for 2016 Nominations will be announced early in 2017.

Teaching Excellence Annual Award

The University Libraries Annual Teaching Excellence Award honors one person who has created and delivered exemplary and innovative instruction programs over a single year. To apply, complete a Teaching Portfolio form detailing your instructional activities and behaviors. All librarians who engage in teaching are encouraged to apply. The Committee will collect and judge applications based on criteria outlined in the teaching portfolio. Recommendations for the award recipient will be sent to the director for a final decision. A plaque and monetary award will be presented to the recipient.

How to apply: Submit a Teaching Portfolio (Word document)

  • Carol Powell, Health Sciences Library, 2003-04
  • Tina Schneider, Lima Campus Library, 2004-05
  • Karen Diaz, Instruction Librarian, 2005-06
  • Danny Dotson, Subject Specialist, 2006-07
  • Beth Kattelman, Special Collections Curator, 2008
  • Miriam Conteh-Morgan and Maureen Donovan, Subject Specialists, 2009
  • Eric Johnson, Associate Curator, Rare Books and Manuscripts, 2010
  • Danny Dotson, Mathematical Sciences Librarian, Science & Engineering Library, 2011
  • Brian Leaf, Instructional Design Librarian, 2012 
  • Stephanie Schulte, Health Sciences Library, 2013
  • No recipient, 2014
  • Amanda Rinehart, Data Management Librarian, 2015

The Virginia Tiefel Achievement in Teaching Award

The Achievement Award recognizes contributions to instruction in the Libraries over many years. It will be awarded if and when there is a successful nominee presented in a given year. The recipient of the Achievement Award will be chosen from a group of peer nominations. Librarians are encouraged to nominate a colleague who they deem especially worthy of this distinction. The Committee will collect nominations and recommend the award recipient to the director for a final decision. A plaque and monetary award will be presented to the recipient.

Nomination Instructions (PDF)

  • Nancy O'Hanlon, Instruction Librarian, 2003-04
  • Ted Riedinger, Latin American Studies, 2004-05
  • Gerry Greenberg, Subject Specialist, 2005-06
  • Katherine Webb, Subject Specialist, 2006-07
  • Anne Fields, Subject Specialist, 2008
  • Karen Diaz, eLearning Librarian, 2009
  • Carol Powell, Health Sciences Library, 2010 
  • Fred Roecker, Instruction Librarian, 2011
  • No recipient, 2012
  • No recipient, 2013
  • Maureen Donovan, 2014 (in photo)
  • Nena Couch, 2015

The Committee extends our congratulations to this year's winner, Nena Couch.

Nena Couch
Head of Special Collections, The Ohio State University Libraries

Nena Couch’s career in the Libraries at Ohio State for thirty years has exemplified great dedication to teaching and the educational role of the Libraries.  She has achieved a stellar record through single instruction sessions, collaborations with faculty colleagues in the Department of Theatre (in which she holds a joint appointment) in teaching full courses; in preparing exhibits and making them prime teaching venues; in mentoring many individual graduate and undergraduate students and helping them use the collections of the Theatre Research Institute as a “living laboratory” for understanding theatre; and in adopting a student-centered approach in teaching, which focuses on individual students’ research interests and capacities.  

 She has also demonstrated much creativity in imagining and planning special performance events connected to exhibits she has prepared—dance routines and flash mobs among others, which involve students directly in library programming and are learning events for the entire campus.   In all aspects of her work—including collection development and collection management—Nena has always created conditions for successful learning experiences for a wide range of students, faculty, community members, and others.  The reach and impact of her work extend beyond OSU through TRI collections and programming, and her mentoring and guidance of students as they have moved into successful careers in acting, theatre set design, costume design, theatre research, and university teaching, are truly exemplary.   She is an outstanding teacher who continues to learn, who involves students and colleagues in learning about the disciplines which she knows best, but who sees opportunities for wider engagement in, and understanding of, culture and society through the lenses of the performance disciplines of theatre and dance.