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Book Look is a display of books (and occasionally other formats) recently purchased by the OSU Libraries.  The display will feature 4 new items each month, which will include a review/description snippet.  Check this site for links to the OSU Library Catalog for each month's displayed items, where you can see availability (once there, you may use the OhioLINK catalog button for statewide availability).  You can also read a review online (may require OSU login).

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Big Data in Practice
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Music business handbook and career guide
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A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing
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Singularities : dance in the age of performance /
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Previous items:

Month Book Links Reviews
Business Basics for Musicians Read a review

Bernstein Meets Broadway (ebook) Read a review

Discrete Ma)thematics with Ducks (ebook) Read a review

Manga Guide to Linear Algebra (ebook) Read a review
Month Book Links Reviews
Dancers as diplomats : American choreography in cultural exchange (ebook  print book)
Read a description/review

Failure: Why Science is so Successful    (ebook) Read a review

The Oxford handbook of new audiovisual aesthetics   (ebook) Read a description

Securing transportation systems  (ebook) Read a description
Month Book Links
March Beyond basic statistics: tips, tricks, and techniques every data analyst should know (ebook) Read a review
  Choreographing copyright: race, gender, and intellectual property rights in American dance (ebook) Read a review
  Composing for moving pictures: the essential guide (OhioLINK print book) Read a review
  The tao of statistics: a path to understanding (with no math) (print book) Read a review
February Computational Thinking in Sound: Teaching the Art and Science of Music and Technology Read a description
  The Fascinating World of Graph Theory (ebook) Read a review
  Landscape of the Now: A Topography of Movement Improvisation Read a description
  The new math: a political history (ebook) Read a review
January Early Responses to the Periodic System (ebook) Read a description
  Jazz Composition and Arranging in the Digital Age Read a description
  Move : choreographing you : art and dance since the 1960s Read a description
  Professor Stewart’s Incredible Numbers (ebook) Read a review
November 5000 Years of Geometry (ebook) Read a review
  Capturing Music (OhioLINK request) Read a review
  Creating Symmetry: The Artful Mathematics of Wallpaper Patterns (e-book) Read a review
  Music in America's Cold War Diplomacy Read a description
October Chinese Opera: the Actor’s Craft   print   ebook Read a review
  The Oxford Handbook of Children’s Musical Cultures (ebook) Read a description
  Single Digits: In Praise of Small Numbers (ebook) Read a review
  Statistics Done Wrong: the woefully complete guide (ebook) Read a review
September The Audible Past Read a review
  Medieval robots: mechanism, magic, nature, and art Read a description
  Ready: a commodore 64 retrospective Read a review
  The Soundscape of Modernity Read a review
July CoCo : the colorful history of Tandy's underdog computer Read a review
  Playing with sound: a theory of interacting with sound and music in video games Read a review
  Software designers in action: a human-centric look at design work  Read a review
  Sound in motion: a performer's guide to greater musical expression Read a description
June Androids in the Enlightenment : mechanics, artisans, and cultures of the self  Read a review
  John Napier: life, logarithms, and legacy Read a review
  The Joy of Factoring Read a review
  Music and diplomacy from the early modern era to the present  print book   e-book See e-book for acknowledgement
May The Beatles encyclopedia: everything fab four  - PRINT BOOK & E-BOOK Read a review
  The Bennington school of the dance : a history in writings and interviews Read a review
  The Imaginary App (e-book)  Read a review
  Who’s Bigger? (e-book)  Read a review
April John Williams’s Film Music (e-book) Read a review
  Primality Testing for Beginners Read a review
  The Routledge Companion to Music and Visual Culture  - print book    e-book Read a review
  Will You Be Alive 10 Years From Now? (e-book) Read a review
March 2015 The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets
Read a review

West African drumming and dance in North American universities (print)

West African drumming and dance in North American universities (ebook)

Read a description
Do I count? : stories from mathematics
Read a review
The music parents' survival guide : a parent-to-parent conversation

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Instrumentalist 69.2

February 2015 Ada's algorithm: How Lord Byron's Daughter Ada Lovelace Launched the Digital AgeThe Simpsons and their mathematical secrets(ebook) Read a review
Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven
Read a review
The Wise Body: Conversations with Experienced Dancers Read a review
Music and the Making of Modern Science (ebook) Read a reivew