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How you earn more at University Libraries 

1. Enjoy Flexible Scheduling. Classes and academics come first. Supervisors at University Libraries partner with student employees to create work schedules that help you stay in control of your time. 

2. Choose Your Location. University Libraries locations have inspiring learning and work spaces and are spread throughout Ohio State’s main campus and west campus. This makes it easy to find a role at a location that meets your needs. 

3. Develop Professional Skills. Prepare for life after Ohio State with the support of knowledgeable OSUL faculty and staff helping you learn valuable skills, master in-demand technologies, and turn current interests into marketable skill sets.

4. Connect with Your Major. World-class collections, department libraries, a collaborative Research Commons, exciting outreach initiatives, a robust publishing program and much more make University Libraries a dynamic place to work. Find a position that helps you enrich your understanding of your major and apply concepts learned in class.

5. Build Your Network. More than 600 students, faculty and staff members work within University Libraries serving over 4 million visitors annually. This means you meet visitors from across the university, Ohio and the world giving you opportunities every day to build your professional network and create lifelong relationships with co-workers, researchers and many others.


Working at The Ohio State University Libraries helped Ingrid Raphael combine her creativity and tech skills to make a lasting impact.
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Library jobs are available for students with and without federal work study awards. Not sure if you have a Federal Work Study award?  Find out more here.  Ready to apply?  Click below to see our open positions.    

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