The iSkills Course

The iSkills coures are...

  • Part of the Libraries' response to OSU president, E. Gordon Gee's charge to "Put students first." In this case, our attempt to put our student employees' academic needs first.
  • Online information literacy courses modeled on our successful online credit course, Internet Tools and Research Techniques.
  • Taken during students' work hours so they can be paid at their regular hourly wage.
  • Not for academic credit.

iSkills is ...

iSkills Circ is...

Both iSkills and iSkills Circ are delivered through Carmen, OSU's online learning management system.

Students have one term to finish the course and may be enrolled in any term of the year.  Supervisors whose students begin in Autumn have the option to delay those students' enrollments until Spring.  To finish in one term, they have to work on iSkills about 2 hours per week.  In order to finish iSkills Circ in 1 term, we expect they will need to work about 1 hour per week.

Impact:  Student assessment is provided by pre- and post-tests on student information literacy skills and information, pre- and post-surveys of each student's confidence about their information literacy skills, and one-two quizzes over each of the tutorials. Students also have the opportunity to anonymously evaluate the course.