Online Instructional Programs

Libraries Credit Courses:

Several online credit courses are offered by the Libraries, to help students learn and practice effective research skills.

Out Loud: The Library Assignment:

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Instructors may request Out Loud: The Library Assignment for  Survey 1100 classes. The assignment is online and delivered via Carmen. It asks students to identify their own expectations, to advise other students through three research process scenarios, and to reflect at the end. In line with transitions and student success literature, we are focusing on habits of mind and the affective parts of the research process. Our goal is to make the invisible, but common, thinking and feeling parts of the research process visible to first-year students so they are prepared when they experience these things themselves.

Student work is automatically scored. Instructors set the start and end dates and are informed when their students have completed the assignment. An additional introductory presentation by a librarian is available by request.

Learning Objects:

The Libraries also provides a variety of online tools to help, on demand or embedded within courses, with the research process.

  • net.TUTOR - improve research skills with these interactive online tutorials. Instructors can assign tutorials and receive reports of student quiz scores.
  • Movies - demonstrate key strategies for using important research tools.
  • Head Hunt - learn about the Libraries' resources and services through interactive games, puzzles, and short films.

A team of Libraries' teaching and subject specialists will work with faculty to develop online learning resources targeted to specific course needs. The English 1110 First Year Writing Program is one example.